Back to the border…

Once I had the second border of Sue Garman’s “Friend’s of Baltimore” traced, I was raring to go!  (I really don’t like tracing, so I will put it off as long as possible.)

When I am filling a vase with flowers, I like to prep the pieces and place them onto my paper pattern before I glue them to the bacground fabric.  That way I can tweek anything that looks out of place.


First, I added a few stems and buds.  But then I realized, I couldn’t go much further until the vase was in place.  (A few of the flowers and leaves overlapped the vase.)


So I started to build the vase.  The edges of this piece will be totally covered by more pieces…keep watching!


Then I added the base.


Next came the second layer of the vase.



…and finally, the very last piece of the vase!


Well, except for all those circles!  Sweet!


Some of you have asked me if the patterns for “To Everything There Is A Season” are available for download only or can I mail them out.  Yes, I can mail you a paper pattern instead of emailing you a link.  I have added this option to my website.  The cost is $10.00 and includes a color picture of the block and shipping anywhere in Canada or the U.S.  To have the patterns shipped to other countries, please contact me.

Til next time…