Ran out of fabric…

I was progressing so nicely on my Feathered Star…then I ran out of the white background needed to make the borders.  It’s every quilters nightmare!  My local shop ordered in a bolt for me so I will pick it up today.  While I have been waiting for the fabric to arrive, I have been stitching away on Block 7 of Friends of Baltimore.  It is finally finished!!

There is a sashing of half-square triangles between each block so I am going to start making those soon.  Here is what I have done so far!! 

And, last but not least, I am slowly getting Amy’s wedding quilt hand-quilted.  Time is flying and the wedding is less than 2 months away!

Til next time…..



11 thoughts on “Ran out of fabric…

  1. so guess what I was doing this evening? HAND QUILTING REMINISCENCE!!!!!!! I know, hard to believe 😉
    It was so so relaxing, sitting out in the sunshine, stitching away….

  2. Hello there! I found your blog when I was searching “Friends Of Baltimore” quilt. I am contemplating taking this one on……sigh…..still trying to decide if I can do it OR if I would ever finish it. ANYWAY,
    I must know about your light box. Did you craft it yourself? The ones I have searched out are not as large as I would like one to be.
    LOVE your blog and all the tips and photos you show about the Friends of Baltimore. This will be such a help when I order mine…..(wink wink)!

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