Amused by a Butterfly!

Today was a “journey” kind of day, rather than a “destination” kind of day!

I had big plans for today and nothing was going to slow me down!   I would prep (and maybe stitch!) the next block of The Civil War Bride quilt.  First I stitched all of the stems in place.

Then I chose the fabric for the vase and the Granny Smith apples.   So far, so good.

After I prepped the flowers and glued them in place, I realized that I chose fabrics  that were  just not speaking to  me.  I made a deal with myself.  I would go have lunch and then look at the block again.  (Maybe it was a low blood-sugar kind of thing!)  If I still didn’t love it, I would choose new fabrics for the flowers.

So I went from this…

to this….

to this.

Needless to say I was a little disappointed that I did not accomplish more of the block, but the butterfly more than made up for it! I wanted to find a fabric that shouted BUTTERFLY!  So I searched through my stash and I found this!

I fussy-cut the wings and here is my butterfly!  I was so amused!!

Til next time….



6 thoughts on “Amused by a Butterfly!

  1. I love applique for this very reason – I love it when I have an “aha” moment and find just the right fabric to make something special. Your butterfly is perfect!

  2. Your CWBQ is coming along well. At least you didn’t have things already appliqued down, I have been known to take things apart and then change colors. I love the butterfly. Nice job.

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