Setting the Table

For some reason, this block seemed to be taking a long time!  Finally, it’s finished!

The first thing I did was change the carpet.  I wanted the tablecloth to be the focus of this block.  The first fabric I used for the carpet fought with the fabric for the tablecloth, so I changed it.  Maybe it’s because they both read as “mediums” or maybe it’s because they are both “busy”.  Either way, it just wasn’t working!   I prefer to audition a few (or more!) fabrics until I find the one that screams “I am the one!”

Out with the old…


…in with the new!

table 2 (2)

Next, I  added the bottom layer of the tablecloth.  I did not need to make another template, I just used the one from the original tablecloth.  Of course, it didn’t have to be the full size, so I just used what I needed.

same pattern

Then, I added the vase, some vines and a couple of apple stems.  The fabric for the vase is from a line called “Maid of Honor” by Bonnie Sullivan and Maywood Studios.  It actually looks like cracked pottery!

table 4 (2)

Lots of leaves followed, along with a couple of apples. Or are they peaches?

table 4 (1)

This morning I embroidered the cherry stems…

table 6 (2)

…and yippee!  This block has just had a bubble bath and is resting comfortably!!

block 7

Til next time…



10 thoughts on “Setting the Table

    • I wash my blocks because I use blue marking pens, starch and glue to prepare my blocks. I like to wash all of that stuff out of my blocks before I stitch them together. I don’t have to worry about the colors running when I wash the blocks because I pre-wash all of my fabric in Synthrapol before I cut into it.

  1. oh I love that tablecloth fabric, how did I miss that one, its beautiful!
    I really enjoy seeing how you make each block thanks for sharing

  2. Your tablecloth fabric is perfect. Always a pleasure to see you find the best fabrics for the block! This one is incredible as usual.:)

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