Back from TESAA!

Where does the time go?  I have been back from The Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy for almost a week, and I am still overwhelmed.  It is so hard to get back to my normal routine!  I am happy to report that hand-applique is definitely alive and well.  I am actually going to go out on a limb and say that hand-applique must be on the upswing, judging by the amount of first time attendees at the Academy.

The first class I took was with Rita Verroca.  Not only is she super-talented and willing to share everything she knows, she is the one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Check out those cowboy boots!



This is a quilt designed by Rita.  It is called Album of Roses.  As you can see, Rita has a unique style of choosing fabrics that make her quilts stunning and one-of-a-kind!  Yes…it is hand-quilted!!



This is a picture of the quilt block we were working on in class.  It is part of an ongoing series of blocks Rita is designing depicting early American history.


This is what I have accomplished, so far.





There are some really teeny, tiny pieces in this block!


Til next time…



16 thoughts on “Back from TESAA!

  1. Welcome back, Kerry. It looked like a fabulous time – I read Mercy Savage’s post about it, too. The quilt is so wonderful! Glad to know more people are beginning to do applique – it is such a beautiful form of quilting. Your block is looking good!

  2. Welcome back! I’ve missed your posts because I love your applique. This block looks lovely. I hope one to attend this workshop too…….have you been before or was this the first time??

  3. Does your instructor use the same prep method you do? (The press/starch method) Her floral quilt on the table was beautiful.

  4. Your progress so far looks wonderful, so precise! Was it possible for you to learn anything new? Your work is gorgeous. I love the instructor’s floral quilt. Wow it is beautiful.

  5. Just have to see your work in person. Exquisite is my best description of your applique. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. I’d so love to go to TESAA! Kerry, your work is so over the top beautiful. Can’t wait to see the next class.

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