Talking to myself and other fun stuff!

I made a deal with myself…I couldn’t start the third border of “Friends of Baltimore” until I completed The Elissa block from Sue Garman’s “Ladies of the Sea”.

Oddly enough, I make deals with myself all the time……clean the bathroom and then you can sit and stitch…start dinner and while the pasta is cooking you can sit and stitch….get up a little earlier and you can sit and stitch.  You get the picture!


So, here we go!  I decided to start with the vines coming out of the bouquet.  I should mention that I have traced the design on the background with a Clover water soluble marker.


I was just itching to start the vase…so that is what I did!  I used the same blues as I did for the flowers in The Elissa block.


I am not going to be shy…I love the way this vase turned out!!


Next, I added a few more leaves and tiny stems.


And a few purple flowers….



Next, I added some pretty posies!


When I filled the vase with all of the flowers, something started to niggle at me. The light pink rose gets lost in the boquet.


So then, I started a conversation with myself.  I guess by now you have figured out that I talk to myself…a lot!!  I started to think that in real life, someone may have put a pale pink rose into a vase with brightly coloured flowers and it might look just fine.  Someone else might look at the block and think it looks just fine.  Maybe I am just being too critical of my work.  But the reality is, I know that if it bugs me now, it is going to bug me even more once it is quilted.  So I replaced the flower with one that has just a little more oomph!



I have  added a few more rows onto my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  Only two more rows to go…yippee!  I have already decided (after many converastions with myself!) about how I am going to hand-quilt it.  I will keep you posted!


Til next time…



15 thoughts on “Talking to myself and other fun stuff!

  1. I make those same kinds of deals with myself but what I’ve learned over the years is that I am a liar! I tell myself if you do this chore you can sew on your project so I negotiate sewing first chore later and then I don’t do the chore! Sigh! Your work is just gorgeous and I love seeing the pictures showing the progression.

  2. Oh I hate when appliqué fabric I choose looks so good on the pile but then one gets lost in the background-usually too light. Your vase is beautiful. Ladies of the Sea is coming along nicely also

  3. I too make deals with myself, first this, then sew, but sometimes one of them doesn’t get done!
    I love seeing the photos of how your work progresses – thank you for sharing.
    The vase is beautiful, and yes if you are already not sure of one of the colors, I agree change while its still possible, or you’ll always be focused on that one flower.

  4. I can tell you had fun laying out your block regardless of your negotiation process. Lol. If something bugs me, it will annoy me more later as I didn’t take the time to fix previously. The deeper pink posie does look better.

  5. conversations with yourself and bargaining is a great idea especially if you get results like this block! I have loved this Ladies of the Sea quilt for a long time I think I need to just order the pattern and get started…

  6. Well, here I thought I was the only one who set the goals to do the “mundane” things and get them done ASAP and then head to the Studio to play the rest of the week. I love your Block – in fact both blocks.
    Do you use freezer paper with either glue or starch and press each piece before placement, or just the freezer paper and then needleturn the seam allowance under? Either way – the work is beautiful. Love the blues.

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