Bed of Roses – Block 6

Here we are at the half-way mark!  We have stitched 6 blocks (and a few corner triangles and side triangles) and so now we only have 6 more blocks to go!

I have said it before and I will say it again…these blocks are easy and very suitable for a beginner.  You can use whichever method of applique you choose.  I use the freezer paper with starch method.  You can check out my videos here.  Always good for a laugh!

Block 6 started out a little differently than the previous blocks.  The leaves were glued in place first and then the bias stems.DSCN7390


Next, I added some simple leaves.


And some pretty pink flowers with yellow centers.  I love the added detail of these yellow centers.  The square edges give some contrast to all the curvy pieces.



I decided to work on the center section.  The yellow piece is the most challenging piece in this block, but you shouldn’t have any problems with it!  As I mentioned earlier, I use freezer paper as a template and press the seam allowance over the template with starch and a mini-iron.  When I am done prepping the piece, I pop the freezer paper out.  It is that simple!!


Now I add a small drop of Roxanne’s glue to each petal and place it on the block.



It’s starting to look impressive, no?  (I bet you are saying to yourself…”I bet I can do this!!”)


So, next, I prepped these pieces and stitched them in place.


I don’t like to add all the circles at once.  I find the thread can get tangled up in the circles that are glued in place and not stitched yet.  So first I added the dark circles and stitched them.



I added the lighter circles in each section and stitched them in place, one section at a time.   Sometimes I like to break things down in parts or sections.  That way I don’t get overwhelmed:)


One more section to go.  Yippee!  I have come to the conclusion that Bruin is my Vanna White.


And, finally!  Here is the finished block.  Beautiful!


So here are all 6 blocks, which are available on my website Simple Bird Studio.  I also sell all of the notions I use including my favourite mini-iron.


I have been slowly working away on Trail Mix, a pattern designed by Laundry Basket Quilts, which is available on Craftsy.  The online class is awesome with lots of helpful hints on how to use up those scraps.


Sweet!  DSCN7422

Til next time…..



5 thoughts on “Bed of Roses – Block 6

  1. Your work is way beyond awesome! I love your blog, just wish you’d write more each time. We’d all love to read what’s going on in your world, your thought processes-why you do the work you do. Wish I could do this quilt, but I have way too much on my plate.
    Hope you’re having a great week.

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