Hugs and Kisses – Block 2

It may look like there is a lot going on in Block 2 of Hugs and Kisses, a delightful quilt designed by Sue Garman.  But, really it is quite a simple block.  Trust me:)

First I added the brown stems.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am not marking the background.  Instead, I am gluing all the pieces in place in one shot!  Remember…when gluing stems, it is so much easier to place the dots of glue on the background and not the stem.


Next I added the large circles for the flowers.  Whenever I use a fabric with a directional print on it, I like to have all the prints going the same way.  Not sure why, I just do:)


I love to share this next tip whenever I can.  This step saves so much time and freezer paper.  I also mentioned that instead of tracing my templates, I am simply photocopying sections of the pattern onto freezer paper.

So I started with the outer circle and prepped it.  I removed the template and I cut off that part of the template. (Pictures below.) Then I was left with the next shape (the flower).  I prepped the flower and then cut it off and prepped the next shape (the medium circle).  I constructed all 4 flowers with just this one template.  Magical!






Next, I added the pretty brown flowers and the pink leaves.  Scrumptious!



Of course, I am doing my quilt this time in a different colourway.  Here is the block with the original fabric:)  If you are part of the Block of the Month doing this quilt, you will receive a Fabric Key in your kit so you will know which fabric goes where.


I also wanted to mention that some of these blocks, like Block 2, have many layers.  The large flowers on this block consists of 5 layers (including the background).  Since I am planning on hand-quilting this quilt, I have very carefully trimmed away some of the layers.  I am not a huge fan of doing this, but I am less a huge fan of trying to quilt through 5 layers of fabric!  You can see I didn’t trim out the back of the smaller flowers, just the larger flowers.


Til next time….



One thought on “Hugs and Kisses – Block 2

  1. Thank you for a great suggestion in making these flowers. Simple, but not something I would have thought to do. That’s why you’re the expert!! 🙂

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