Row 2 of Civil War Bride Completed!

I was one block away from finishing the  second row of  “The Civil War Bride Quilt”!   All I had to do was finish the bird block.  So I spruced the birds up with some tail feathers that I thought were rather snazzy, added some solid looking feet and gave each bird a colourful comb!

bird block

close-up birds

After I finished stitching each block, I washed it in the sink with hot soapy water to remove all of the starch, glue and even a bit of my own blood!  (Note to self…my new scissors are really sharp!)  When they were dry, I trimmed the blocks to the correct size.  (As a rule, I always cut my blocks 2″-3″ larger than needed.)  Believe it or not, the blocks do shrink up a fair amount once they are stitched.


Once they were all trimmed to the correct size, I started stitching them together.

3 blocks

5 blocks

And, finally, I stitched 2 rows together!  Spiffy!

2 rows

Since I had my sewing machine out, I took the time to stitch another block of Barbara Brackman’s “Grandmother’s Choice”.  I must confess, I am a not exactly keeping up with the weekly blocks, but I do intend to make a quilt (or two!) with the blocks …and maybe add a few applique blocks.  We will see!

GC blocks

Til next time…



15 thoughts on “Row 2 of Civil War Bride Completed!

  1. The Civil War Bride’s Quilt is looking very good. Your applique, again well done. I have the pattern set but have never started on the project. I do like watching the progress of others though.

  2. I’m so glad a friend introduced me to you! Love your blog and your incredible applique. . .you make me want to start a serious applique quilt! Thanks for sharing. Nice to see you are also doing the Grandmother’s Choice blocks! Happy stitching!

  3. Hi I just checked out the blog! Thanks. Can you give me an estimate of fabric necessary? Background and applique? I have two fat quarter bundles waiting to be used. I wonder if they are enough for the applique. Thanks

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