Think Happy Spring Thoughts!

I looked out the window this morning and this is what I saw!  Yikes!

snow day

So, I thought  I better get busy and think some Happy Spring Thoughts!  The next block from The Civil War Bride inspired me to think Spring!

First, I started with the branches and a few little leaves.

block 1

Then I added more leaves.

a few leaves 2

…and some more!

more leaves 3

Next, I added the bird’s feet and the underbelly of the bird. (If you let your imagination run wild, it looks like a folk art kind of bird…but just wait…!)  I used Ultra-Suede for these tiny pieces because they are really….tiny!  When using Ultra-Suede, I just cut out the pieces without adding a seam allowance and stitch it in place.  Easy peasy!

feet and underbody 4

Next came the rest of the bird.

bird 4

Then, I auditioned a few nests.  Should I choose Nest #1…….

nest 5

….or Nest # 2?nest 6

Til next time….



14 thoughts on “Think Happy Spring Thoughts!

  1. Good choice for warding off the chill of winter! I love your #1 nest. When I see how you progress through your blocks, I’m always amazed at what you do! Beautiful!

  2. Kerry – Tell us about your light box please. I’ve been looking for a larger sized one to use with my CWB blocks, but the price being asked for them makes me think building my own might be a good idea. Is yours home-made, and if so, was it difficult, and do you have any suggestions? Thanks! How on earth am I supposed to work on spreadsheets when you post such inspirational blogs?

    • Thanks for the comment! Definitely build your own. It is much cheaper. Mine was build by a very handy man! I leave mine on the table all the time because I use it with every block I do, whether I trace the block with a marker or just put the pattern underneath the background and lay the pieces on it. If you only need a light box now and then, a drawer or similar sized box with a light bulb inside and a sheet of plex-glass on it works just as well. Someone in my applique group uses her glass coffee table!

  3. I’m a bit partial to nest #2, and just love your block! The snow (which I woke up to as well- along with blustery cold!) not so much. Thank you for the spring inspiration- your quilt is going to be beautiful.

  4. Hey from Jamaica! I like nest #1 better but I think #2 goes with the block better. I am on my 5th block stitchin’ at the beach btw!

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