An Intriguing Ostrich!

Even in this heat, I am still managing to get some hand-quilting done!  Here is another block from Sue Garman’s “Bouquets for a New Day”.


With only 2 blocks left to quilt, I am starting to give some thought to the borders.  The half-square triangle inner border has me a little stumped.  Not sure how I will quilt all those triangles!  The good news is, I found a stencil that I love for the outer border.  Not only do I love the cable design, it fits the border perfectly!


Now that I (0nly!) have 5 blocks left of Civil War Bride, I am getting really antsy to finish it!  I love this next block!  I must say I really don’t know too much about ostriches.  But I find them intriguing, just the same!  First I started with the stems and some leaves.DSCN4052

Next, I added some pretty pink flowers.


I used Ultra-Suede for the legs and beak.


Next came the fun part!  I found this fabric in my stash (of all places)!  It is one of those landscape fabrics that looks like tall grass.  It has stripes of different colours and shapes of grass, which I think is brilliant.


I turned the fabric upside down and here is what I saw….ostrich feathers!


And here is one very intriguing ostrich!


Til next time…



23 thoughts on “An Intriguing Ostrich!

  1. You’re the brilliant one, Kerry! I’m so glad I found your blog. It is so inspiring to see your work and process. I’m just a somewhat beginner in applique – still trying to decide what technique I like best, but I love it. Have four in the works – grin – the latest being Esther Aliu’s Love Entwined.

  2. What a wonderful post watching your block come together. I bet you never thought when you purchased that fabric that it would become an ostrich. LOL

  3. LOVE the feathers…… will have to look at my fabric differently….. upside down. Both these quilts are glorious…thanks for sharing.

  4. I think the ostrich was so much fun to make when I made my Bride. (but I remember not being fond of those feet!) Nicely done, and your Garmon quilt is going to be so beautiful!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. I love what you are doing with this quilt would love to make it, but oh just too much to do already, just signed up for the esther aliu BOM. That fabric is perfect ostrich feathers. Happy Quilting.

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