The Trouble With Vacations….

Vacations are wonderful….except they come to an end!

This year, we decided to do something really different for our winter vacation.  On January 25, Paul and I left the Canadian winter behind and flew to Antigua, where we spent two absolutely awesome weeks aboard The Amoeba,  a 67′  schooner owned by John and Bev Bryson.  We had the pleasure of meeting John and Bev earlier this past summer when we went for a sunset cruise on The Amoeba while visiting family in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.


When we weren’t on the sailboat, we were on the beach….


…or buying fabric!  Who could resist?



Of course, wherever I go, I take my applique with me!



So now it is time to get back to reality and do some serious stitching!  I woke up this morning with the next block of Civil War Bride on my mind.

First I stitched the stems in place.


Then I added some colourful buds.


The many, many leaves are prepped and ready to go!


Til next time….


12 thoughts on “The Trouble With Vacations….

  1. Hi Kerry,

    Glad that you had a great vacation! I would love 2 weeks of that too.
    I managed to upload photos to my blog but now I have to learn how to link with others.
    I am enjoying it though. Love the flower buds.

  2. oh thank you! I was waiting to see pictures!!! It looks like a lovely vacation. I like to say that sewing & sunshine go quite well together…

  3. What a wonderful trip. I think I would get a little sea sick trying to sew on the boat, I can not do it in the car either. Good start to this leafy CWB block.
    Happy Stitching Kerry

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