Happy Thanksgiving!

I am determined to learn how to hand-quilt in a frame.  I have watched many you-tube videos, emailed many questions to a couple of quilters who I know quilt in a frame and read a few books. Now, it’s time to do it!  I spent Saturday morning putting my Q-snap frame together and put my Circle of Tulips quilt in it.  I spent 2 or 3 hours just doing some cross-hatching.  Even that feels really different than cross-hatching in a hoop.  Next I tried figuring how to quilt away from myself.  My first instinct is to pick up the frame and move it, but I don’t think that will work.  I planned to spend today doing a bit more practicing, but I see it is nap time!


So,,,instead I starting prepping and stitching the bottom border of Civil War Bride.  I chose not to include the owls.  I tried different colours and different fabrics, but they just did not look like owls.  So I just enlarged the love-birds in the top border and placed them on the branches.  And, of course, I added a butterfly.


Then changed my mind and added a gold butterfly. Of all the fabrics I chose to fussy-cut my butterflies, I think this one is my favorite!


Til next time…



9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. As with anything, quilting in a frame just takes time. I have never used a Q-snap so I don’t know how taut you can get the quilt. I use 4 boards, 4 C-clamps and I have stands that the boards sit on. I prefer it even for quilting a baby quilt. I don’t have to move anything, nothing is on my lap and once I have quilted as far as I can reach comfortably, I start rolling it. I can see at a glance how much I have left to quilt. Also, I can work on all 4 sides before rolling. Getting the sides done cuts down the time and work later. The other thing is that I don’t have to baste the quilt beforehand as it all gets stretched first.

  2. Yes, definitely make sure it’s not too taut. When I worked with my floor frame I also felt free to work at the frame from every direction. Why not?:) Mostly it just takes up too much of my living room so I went back to the hand held hoop. Good luck getting it figured out! And btw, your love birds are perfect!

  3. I love that instead of moving the cat, you got out something else! That’s how it works here, too. 🙂 Beautiful quilt — I look forward to seeing it get quilted.

  4. I have a q-snap frame and love it. The positives are: not too large; lightweight; tension is easily adjusted; larger quilting area vs a hoop; bulk of quilt is off your lap; easily moved around a room. Oh yes, my cat also loves it as a hammock until his weight brought him to the floor. Oh well, he had a soft landing. If interested, I can give you tips on how I adjusted to using a q-snap over a large wood frame. Very pretty applique bird fabrics!

  5. I just never could get comfortable quilting in a frame. I can’t quilt away from myself, and I can only quilt from right to left. It hurt my back and neck, and I spend the whole time running around the frame from chair to chair. I love the concept of it…

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