Focused and Organized

After a week of procrastinating, I have finally started the first border of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore” on Saturday.  I traced the whole pattern onto my background, which did not take nearly as long as I anticipated.  I like to use a Clover water-soluble marker when I trace my backgrounds.  The markers come in two sizes…thick tip and thin tip.  I always use the thick tip.  The line is thicker (of course!) and much easier to see!


Next, I made a whole pile of leaves.  Lots and lots of leaves.  The leaves get stitched in place first, and then the bias stem is placed on top of the leaves, so I need to make all of the leaves first .  I am trying my darndest to stay focused and organized all at the same time.



As you can see, each leaf has it’s own number.  And they are actually backwards because when I print my patterns onto the freezer paper, I reverse the pattern.  So…I take each leaf and match it up with the corresponding leaf on the paper pattern.  A little time consuming, so when I have enough leaves to complete a vine, I yell “Bingo!”  It helps to pass the time.


Once the first set of leaves was complete, I  started working on the center vase.  First, I did the cute little curly-cues.  And then the rest of the vase.



Annabelle is coming along quite nicely.  The hexies are mighty small and I am fussy cutting the fabric, so it is taking a bit of time!  I love how the hexies gives just a burst of something a little different!


Til next time….



12 thoughts on “Focused and Organized

  1. Looks wonderful !
    When do u remove the paper?
    I use freezers paper but iron it on top then needle turn!
    Love yr blog !!

  2. Such teeny tiny hexies – they’re awesome! I invite you to link your blog to Hexie Weekend (ends tonight). Hexie enthusiasts would love to see yours. Again, thanks for the process – that border is coming along beautifully.

  3. You do beautiful work and I have been quilting since 1972. I am not as good as you are so years do not the quilter lol. I love the way you make the leaves different colors, super! thanks for the sharing and stroke kitty for me too, make the purr strt, that helps your motor go as well.

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  4. Very nice. This is also my preferred method of preparing my blocks for stitching but I use a light box to place my pieces and don’t trace my pattern on the background. I think I will give tracing a try. Lovely, lovely work.

  5. I love it all! I read your blog and am inspired every time. Yes you are a master!
    One question, do you just cut your freezer paper to paper size and run it through the printer?
    I’ve always just redrawn the pattern onto the freezer paper but I would love to save some time and have accurate pieces.

    • Thanks,Brandie. I really enjoy your blog! I use the 8 1/2″ x 11″ freezer paper sheets that are available on my website. I put them through
      my ink jet printer, not a laser printer. You will ruin your laser printer…ask me how I know that! I save a lot of time tracing (I hate tracing!) and they are more accurate.

  6. Beautiful quilts – I love your work, I agree you are a master! Where did you get the Annabelle pattern? Your fabric choices are splendid…….I’m always anxious for your next post -thanks for sharing

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